Torturous Progress


Some time ago I wrote of my mission to get my Congressman and our two Judiciary-Committee-member Senators to say they supported the prosecution of torturers.

I made considerable progress yesterday. I called the Washington office of Senator Klobuchar, and after some discussion with a staff member, she told me the Senator does support enforcement of the federal laws currently on the books. I then asked if there were federal laws against torture on the books. She agreed there probably were. Then I asked her to take that monumental next step — just like from “All men are mortal. Socrates is a man.” to “Socrates is mortal.” — to the Senator supports the prosecution of torturers. I was so, so close, but the leap was just too much for her.

Torturous progress, but progress nonetheless. Next time, though, I’ll probably get a different staff member and have to start over from scratch.

As for Franken? Zilch.