Tonight’s hits: A play-by-play of thoughts regarding “Motown the Musical”


Top 15 Charts-December 2014

15. “Ain’t Too Proud To Admit My Semi-Inappropriate Love For Up-And-Coming Star Reed L. Shannon”

14. “ ‘Ain’t No Audience Spirit High Enough’ to Compete With the Joyful Hoots and Hollers of These Middle Aged and Drunken Patrons”

13. “A B Compelling-and-well-structured-storylines-that-I-keep-overusing-as-pleasant-prattle”

12. “Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Waiting For Intermission”

11. “ ‘Dancin in my Seat’ Wasn’t Nearly as Impressive as the Dancing onstage, Yet Was Inevitable with the Groovy Beats of the 60’s.

10. “You’ve Really Got a Hold on Casting”

9. “ ‘I Got the Feeling’ These Actors Spent Sufficient Time Studying these Famous Wonder’s Voices”

8. “ ‘What’s Goin on’ In the Show is Eerily Similar to Current Day Issues Spreading our Nation Pertaining to Police Brutality and Violent Riots for Racial Justice”

7. “Stop in the Name of Seamless Transitions and Breathtakingly Simple and Stylized Sets”

6. “ ‘My Mamma Done Told Me’  No Jukebox Musical has Ever Been Strung Together so Effortlessly and Succeeded in Incorporating Numbers Without Force or Discomfort

5. “Who’s Loving You” (A Ballad of Unrequited Love Which Would Have any Lonely Teenage Girl “In Their Feels”)

4. “A Breathtaking Light Design”

3. “Money (That’s What I Don’t Care About Spending)”

2 .“ ‘Please Mr. Postman’ Send the Invite to Theatre-Goers Young and Old

1. “Motown The Musical”