Timmy and the Teabaggers


MN Governor Tim Pawlenty still thinks he can become a darling of the teabag right, based on a speech he gave in Dallas on Saturday.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty on Saturday urged conservatives gathered in North Dallas to stand up against government’s “creeping tyranny” in order to protect personal liberties and the nation’s security.

“America is in trouble,” Pawlenty told about 600 people at the Dallas County Republican Party’s Reagan Day Dinner. “It needs you. It’s worth fighting for.”

He’s also a global climate change denier, these days.  Here’s a voice of reason, on the topic.

I suspect Tea-Paw himself is having a hard time trying to figure out how to best walk the line between the teabaggers and the less freakish segments of society.  His dismal performance at CPAC must have been indicative, even for him, of how little his efforts in this direction have done, so far, for his cherished aspirations.

Here’s some analysis, from Mary Turck, of the proposed deal to ‘save’ GAMC. As she points out, the details are “sketchy, and often ugly.”