Thumbs down to voter ID, Burnsville officials say


Burnsville is priming the pump on the issues that it would like to see addressed during the upcoming legislative session that begins Jan. 24. Our state lawmakers are invited to attend tonight’s Burnsville City Council work session beginning at 6:30 p.m. to review the city’s positions.

While voter ID (the need to show acceptable identification before casting a ballot), will most likely be on the legislative docket this year, the city is not supportive of the measure. Last year, the bill was passed (with the Burnsville delegation in support, but it was vetoed by the governor.

According to the city’s position on the issue:

In keeping with the City of Burnsville policy resisting unfunded mandates, the City opposes measures that require voter identification and allow for provisional balloting for those without acceptable identification, unless there are state resources made available to the City to offset the significant expenses associated with these measures. The provisional balloting associated with these proposals would significantly increase administrative pressures, training requirements, and the number of employees needed to successfully carry out the election process.

Follow the link to read the city’s 2012 Legislative position paper.