Three things the Daily Planet does — and three things we don’t do


From “Please publish this information about my organization’s fundraiser” to “I want that story taken down!” to “You spelled my name wrong,” we hear from lots of people who want us to do — or undo — something. Some of the questions come up over and over, so here’s a short list of three things we do and three things we don’t do. 

ONE: We DO publish news and opinion, including your news and opinions. What we publish come from three places:

1) original reported articles, assigned and edited by the Daily Planet;

2) articles republished from media partners; and

3) your unedited contributions — Community Voices articles, blog entries, Neighborhood Notes, comments.

Yes — we really do want your stories and we publish a lot of articles, blog posts and comments that you send us every week. Tonight we have a beautiful slide show of the Japanese Lantern Lighting at Como Park contributed by Saibal Ghosh. In the past week, other Community Voices articles included an analysis of what’s happening on the East Side of St. Paul and what needs to be done, an article about a program for young Somali men, a protest about a change of programming at a local station, a call for community development along the Green Line, a story about a marriage proposal, announcements about a book publication and a community art project,

TWO: We make corrections when we get facts wrong. You can see all of these corrections in our correction section. That’s also where we spell out our correction procedures and policy.

THREE: We try to be transparent. We publish all kinds of information about our policies and procedures, and about how to use the Daily Planet.

And here are three things we are often asked about, but that we do not do:

ONE: We do not publish press releases.

TWO: We don’t unpublish stories. This is part of good journalistic practice. When we publish a story, it’s there. If it needs correction, we put in the correction — and you can see what has changed.

THREE: We don’t edit partner stories — stories republished from our media partners. We may or may not agree with them, but the responsibility for editing stays with the partner publication.