Three local gift guides


I typically spend the holiday season railing against consumerism and telling everyone I know not to buy me any presents (which backfires when they insist and then make uninformed choices, you know). And then I stress out and impulse/desperation shop on xmas eve. So I’m trying to get a little ahead of the game. And spend my money where it counts.

So, people, here’s where you start when you want to buy someone something made in Minnesota, and possibly even Minnesota-themed, so you can keep a greater percentage of your dollars in the local economy by shopping locally. Local.

Minnesota 2020’s Made in Minnesota’s Giftguide is at It covers all of Minnesota. There’s a handy Google Map for each category. Probably not exhaustive, especially outside of the Twin Cities, but a good start, especially if you already have a certain type of product in mind. And — bonus! — it includes a directory of “Minnesota-Made Specialty Retailers” so you can one-stop shop for such things.

MetroIBA — produced has its own guide at Surprise surprise, everything listed is made/provided by a MetroIBA member. [This is good.] They include some services (not just products), which MN2020’s list didn’t have.

liveGREENtwincities has put together a green gift guide. I bet you can figure out what that’s all about.

Go forth and support local businesses! Black 3/50 Friday would be a great day to start.