THREE ISSUES | Thought from a non-voter


Quinn works as a barista at Espresso Royale, a swim instructor at the YWCA, and studies biology and youth studies at the University of Minnesota. She is from Winnipeg Manitoba currently living in downtown Minneapolis. She can’t vote because she’s Canadian, but she still has opinions about what’s important here.

Quinn: I could not vote for a president who doesn’t support gay rights openly. I could not support a president who does not champion reproductive rights for women.

Fiona: Can you be more specific about what you mean by reproductive rights for women?

Quinn: Making abortion illegal, funding cuts to Planned Parenthood, making Plan B illegal, not allowing biology based sex-ed – It’s a whole narrow mind-set. I don’t like that.

Fiona: Can you be more specific about your first issue, “gay rights?”

Quinn: You should be able to marry whom you choose, that’s common sense. Blatant homophobia will not be tolerated.

Fiona: And your third issue?

Quinn: My third one is more “clipping America’s wings” I listened to an NPR debate where they asked, “should we clip America’s wings?” I thought it was a good way to put it, not having such policing of the world. The president should be patriotic enough to pay attention to his own country’s issues. I’m talking about foreign policy issues. I think I heard Romney say, “The world needs American leadership.” You’re not going to be president of the world!

I think we need a president to deal with foreign policy in a smart way: someone who does not take a specific view. A lot of issues are military driven on the republican side. Democrats always put peace first whenever we can. The president should be more diplomatic. Obama is an amazing diplomat.

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