THREE ISSUES | Poverty, immigration, and American expansionism


Andy McCormick is a book buyer and general store staff member at Magers & Quinn Booksellers in Uptown. He is originally from Upstate New York and now lives in Minneapolis. He has worked at Magers & Quinn for six years and before that worked at bookstores across the country. He loves learning new things from customers, he loves the hours he works, and of course he loves books. Currently, Andy is reading Riddley Walker, a post nuclear holocaust novel written in pidgin English by Russell Hoban.

TCDP: Andy, can you please discuss the three issues you care about most in the upcoming election?

Andy: Yes. The first issue I care about is poverty– poor people’s issues. There should be more government benefits. I am pro civic government and public infrastructure. I am in favor of adding programs.

TCDP: Can you be more specific about which types of programs?

Andy: Education and healthcare. There should be amnesty for people with little money, amnesty for debt. There’s not enough for poor people all over the US.

TCDP: Do you witness these issues of poverty in your everyday life?

Andy: Yes, you see people everyday who are hurting – families, immigrants.

TCDP: Okay, and does that segue into your second issue?

Andy: Yes, my second issue is immigration. It should be easier for people to come here. People are being treated unfairly: people who come to work or to escape.

TCDP: Do you know people who have immigrated to the US?

Andy: Yes, lots of people. I know East African people, people from Latin America: Mexicans, Guatemalans, Hondurans, and Salvadorans. I know plenty of people who come from all over who I see and don’t know very well.

TCDP: And your third issue?

Andy: My third issue is American expansion, and the fighting. The unfairness of being able to kill people with fighter drones or impose sanctions on countries just because that country is Iran. I guess I am extremely liberal socially, maybe not personally.

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