THREE ISSUES | Money in politics, starving children, war


Reggie Cruz has recently moved back to Minneapolis from California, to take care of his ailing mother. In his late 20s, he has lived and worked in both Minnesota and, for the past seven years, in California. 

TCDP: What are the three issues you care about most in the upcoming election?

Reggie: The first issue is fundraising money. Politicians say they use their fundraising money, but who knows where the money is actually going? All we can go by is what they say.

TCDP: What is your second issue?

Reggie: I think the U.S. should mind its own business and start worrying about their own issues. We have starving kids over here. Take care of the starving children here instead of Africa. Let someone else take care of them. They have their own government.

TCDP: And your third issue?

Reggie: The third issue is the war. Stop being Big Brother. I understand, totally. The U.S. wants to keep the power, meaning they want to hold their ground being a dominant country. The only dominant country. Iran is building nuclear power, so why can’t they do it when we do it? China is growing rapidly, China is going to be a dominant country and Chinese will be the dominant language.

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