Like those Japanese ones that sound like a sneeze?


Still groping after which shows to see? Behold, the haiku from each of my Pre-Fringe Profiles for this year — feel free to skim over and click on any one that catches your eye (the link will take you to the full profile). Happy hunting, and see you on the Fringe!

moving pieces fit
together to make a whole
stop. begin again

Theater, a blind date
one night between two lovers
starts with a great poop

Creepy and funny
Through dancing and words, see what
Goes Bump in the Night

Woman poet love
Keep free living memory
Crossroads choke still here

A murder’d playwright
Forget it Nick: it’s Deptford
Now, the chase is on

two souls locked apart
a sea of endless data
love can find a way

If you can’t unfriend
Your dead on Facebook – you know
Why we wrote this show

All of your nightmares
And all of your hopes and dreams
Are available

Your words are rain drops
Each contains an everything
I use them like stairs

Mr. Rogers knows
Mercury’s in Retrograde.
Arts administrate!

Kansas Ghost Story,
Sung by zombie Joan Baez,
Lit by candlelight.

Greek tragedy in
which feminism is all
the rage: sorry, kid.

Funny thing happened –
laughing at the Revolution,
then working for it.

A play by Wilder,
enhanced with great new music,
makes for a fine night!

…and one last one, which took the “haiku” assignment as a friendly suggestion:

Oh no. Must I go? I must.
The Party Awaits.
The blood, the buzz, the Pizza Spins;
Social games I’ll never win.
Most dreaded and most lovely.
This Sleep-over will set me free.