Two-word reviews


Paul Rudd in Role Models: Justenoughhair onhischest

Nick Cave: Sweet moustache

Paul Rudd on SNL: Toomuchhair onhischest

Prince Charles’s 60th birthday: Still prince

Teenage girls in line to get tickets for Twilight: Annoying, seriously

True Religion store opening at Mall of America: Nice butt

Hong Kong Noodles: Wei jing

Gus Frerotte: League worst

My Nintendo DS: Neglected, ignored

Stella featuring Michael Ian Black: Crazy business

Vampires: Metaphorical Puritans

Homemade margaritas: Drunk already?

The 2008 Summer Olympics: Dearly missed

Day Man: Karate master

Anthony Bourdain’s liver: Unrivaled, endless

Potential release of a lost, fabled and experimental Beatles track: Trippin’ cajones

The real solution to the Minnesota Senate race deadlock: Shirtless cage-match

The Office: Already peaked

WALL-E: Cinematic gold

Drunk sorority girls headed to formals: Wobbly’n’ wonky

Post-breakup mingling between Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift: Virgin talk

Samantha Ronson: Beach body