They better not name it Lake Wobegon


by Erica Mauter | March 24, 2009 •
I’ve tried to like Prairie Home Companion. I have. I don’t like it. I’m probably extra sensitive these days because a friend of mine recently mentioned that “something about it takes [him] back to the time before black people and women could vote” which set off a conversation on under-representation of women and people of color in the tech community and the relatively good representation of said folks at this year’s SXSW Interactive festival, followed by an internal monologue about how everyone else I know from Minnesota that went to this year’s SXSW is totally not clued into that space which I’ve not been able to form into a coherent, digitally-recorded thought. is a cityblog for and about life in the Twin Cities, published by Erica Mauter. Contact

So I’m just het up right now. Thus I mentally threw my hands up in knee-jerk reaction when MPR’s In the Loop producer Sanden Totten tweeted that “Lake Wobegon could become a real county if new bill has its way.” Sorry, what? Taking it TOO FAR, people.

But then I RTFA, and found out that the real story is that the city of St. Cloud currently sits in three different counties which is a huge pain in the arse and so there are real and real good reasons for redrawing county lines to consolidate Stearns, Benton and part of Sherburne counties into one new one. And “Lake Wobegon County” is only a temporary name (which I hope to gawd doesn’t stick).

Off the ledge.

Unless they really do name it Lake Wobegon County.