“This is their future”


Solomon, age four, and little brother Isaac, age nine months, came to the Labor Day anti-war march with their parents, Mia Witheiser and Brian Fisher.

“I feel they need to know this is their right as Americans … to come here,” said Witheiser. “We teach preschoolers to resolve conflict — it’s ridiculous that wars still exist in the 21st century.”

The Maplewood couple talked about the importance of the rights of citizens, the right to assemble and the right of free speech. They want their children to know these rights.

“All the money spent on this war destroys the infrastructure in another country,” said Mia, ” and we could use the money at home, to put our kids through college free, or to pay for daycare for everyone.”

The explosions of concussion grenades, pepper spray and tear gas drowned out the voices of some people who came to demonstrate. We will feature some of their voices in this column.