THEATER | “Sister’s Christmas Catechism” at the Ordway: When it comes to Catholic comedy, nun shall stand (up)


A few don’ts for those attending Sister’s Christmas Catechism at the Ordway: don’t arrive late, don’t chew gum, and don’t wear anything you wouldn’t wear to church. Sister will notice, and you may have to pay for your sins. Lateness and chewing gum could have you paying a dollar or more and low-cut tops will be covered up with a Kleenex, kindly provided by the nun. This highly interactive performance will have you laughing and cringing.

sister’s christmas catechism, playing through december 27 at the ordway center for the performing arts. for tickets ($35) and information, see

Kimberly Richards does an exemplary job as Sister in this one-woman routine, which is like a cross between Judge Judy and Nunsense. The show is mainly geared towards adults, but older children may also find it enjoyable. If you have time to brush up on your Biblical trivia, you may win a praise-worthy prize like a Jesus snap bracelet, a holy card, or even a temporary religious tattoo. (“Not a sin, because they are temporary,” Sister makes sure to explain.)

The improv and nun-themed standup comedy will keep you on your toes during the first act, but the show slips down a notch in the second half as audience members are chosen to dress up and enact a Nativity scene to find out who stole the wise man’s gold. While still entertaining, it is obviously planned out and lacks the spirit and comedy of the first half.

If you like to ham it up, this may be the perfect show for you. If you are Catholic, you will instantly flash back to childhood Catechism classes. The non-religious may want to choose an alternate holiday show, because in this performance you are part of the class and at the whim of Sister. Whatever your religious background, come to have a good time and leave with more appreciation for all the hard work of nuns.

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