THEATER | After a slow start, “It’s Outta Here!” slides into home for a win


It’s Outta Here! is a collection of Minnesota-produced, -written, and -acted baseball skits celebrating the return of professional outdoor baseball to Minneapolis. Nine skits translate to nine innings, complete with the singing of the national anthem at the beginning of the show, free Cracker Jack tossed into the crowd by the concessions vendor (Rob Marcus), and the seventh-inning-stretch singing of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game.”

Patrick Garry, Brad Kastendick, Noah Johnson, and Phil Behringer share the acting duties, along with making set changes and everything else that needs to be done. Rob Marcus, the producer and creative force behind the show, introduces each skit and shares personal anecdotes about his love of both theater and baseball.

it’s outta here!, presented through april 18 at the hennepin stages. for tickets ($20) and information, see

As in a good baseball game, It’s Outta Here! ends on a winning note. The final two skits of the show are traditional baseball material: a reading of “Casey at the Bat” and a reenactment of Abbott and Costello’s “Who’s on First” skit. The rest of the skits are not as memorable, although the acting throughout is quite good. The show was well received by the audience on Sunday night, who were obviously baseball fans—there were lots of Twins jerseys as well as jerseys from other baseball teams.

If you are basking in the glow of the new Target Field and the Twins’ strong start to the season, and you just can’t get enough baseball right now, I recommend you see It’s Outta Here! Like the game that inspired it, the production has its slow stretches—but it also has its home runs, and that’s what you remember.