Minneapolis Public School budget — How will it impact your school?


Minneapolis Public Schools is working on a new budget for 2013-2014, with substantial cuts. The budget figures are taken from the 2013-14 proposed budget allocations published by MPS, and from the 2012-2013 School and Department Allocation Spreadsheet

Some schools are getting cuts — others are getting increases. Want to know how your school stacks up in the first budget round of 2013-2014? Click on the dot that represents your school on the map below. 

The red dots show schools that are getting budget cuts, and the green dots are schools that are getting increases. 

SOUTHWEST HIGH – ERROR IN MAP: There’s one error in the map – created via Google Fusion – and we can’t get it to change. Thanks to an alert reader for pointing out that the map places Southwest High in the Northwest corner of the city. Here’s the accurate Southwest information:

School site: SOUTHWEST
address: 3414 W. 47th St., Minneapolis, MN
2012-2013: $10,200,265
2013-2014: $9,823,284
increase or decrease: -$376,981

Click here to see all school records in text format.

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