Tennis Center roof collapses


The Metrodome wasn’t the only bubble that deflated in Minneapolis due to last weekend’s snowstorm. About 20 people were playing tennis at the Reed Sweatt Family Tennis Center in South Minneapolis on Saturday when the inflated bubbles began to collapse, according to General Manager Mike Vidmar, “The snow was so heavy it wasn’t sliding off the roof fast enough.”

After Vidmar’s normal crew of six people wore themselves out shoveling for 10 hours on Saturday, he sent an email to customers to help shovel more snow from the roof. While it looks like one of the two bubbles that cover the indoor courts survived the heavy snowfall, the other was damaged and torn, said Vidmar. “We’re going to try in the next couple of days to see if we can get play going, at least in one bubble.”

Ian Brauer and Tom Ingram were two of about a dozen people who answered Vidmar’s call for help Sunday afternoon, making $15 per hour. “The bubble for the tennis collapsed because there was lots of snow on it. So we had to go out and shovel all of the snow off of the bubble,” said Ingram. When asked if Brauer had ever seen a storm like this, he replied, “No, not even close. I was born in 1997 so I didn’t get to see the Halloween blizzard or anything.”

The tennis center is closed indefinitely while Vidmar looks into getting the roof repaired on the south side bubble. After hearing about the Metrodome’s collapse, an exhausted Vidmar said, “It’s not a good weekend for domes.”