Tasty pork at Cap’s Grille


Cap’s Grille, at Hiawatha and 50th Street, is not strictly speaking in Longfellow. But it fully qualifies as a good destination for the community without undue travel. I happened to visit there after seeing that the line at Sea Salt Eatery was too long given the time of the evening. I love fish, but I love smoked pork. Not sure which I love more.

Anyway, when I concluded I was at Sea Salt at an inopportune time, I thought a few seconds about where to bail out to. Bridgeman’s with its baked sole sandwich was very near. But then Cap’s Grille occurred to me. I had recently made my second trip to Ted Cook’s 19th Hole. So it seemed time to revisit Cap’s.

I ordered a four-bone pork rib dinner. It came with sides of slaw, baked beans, and Texas toast. One of those special occasions where every element was a plus. Not sure how to express the reasons for each thing tasting good. The slaw had a fruity dressing. The beans had a smokey sauce. I’m not a great fan of Texas toast (normal toast works just fine for me) but the crust was slightly singed in toasting, and that seemed to partner with the ribs very well. The ribs themselves were beautifully smoked. Not so many places I’ve gone to where I’ve been able to appreciate that.

All in all, a very satisfactory substitute (this time) for fish tacos.