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MPR (Minnesota Petroleum Radio?) WCCO, KSTP, Star Tribune or any of the other corporate media have not seen fit to  informing you, the people of Minnesota on this issue. So I felt the need to do so.

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The Tar Sands which is a horrifyingly dirty and environmentally distructive way to obtain energy has led to a movement. Activists are now opposing it in every way that they can. It was also the calalyst for the Native inspired Idle No More movement.

It is also affecting Minnesota. As I explained in previous articles the Enbridge Corporation is central in having this foisted upon us. Often with the help and assistance of local governemnt officials. In fact it is now apparent that these pipelines are being expanded and do indeed go through a number of Native American reservations, both here in Minnesota and elsewhere. It also is scheduled to go through the Boundry Waters, which is a much loved and cherished part of our state.

As Marty Cobenais of the Indigenous Environmental Network explains, these Tar Sands pipelines are often exposed and a hazard to the local  population of northern Minnesota. He also explains that there is a need to shut them down. Yet according to the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission hearing of December 6th, the Enbridge Corporation plan to increase the capacity of these pipelines, not shut them down. We have seen nothing from local elected officials, including DFL Governor Dayton, showing that they will oppose them in this.

However, a much deeper question needs to be asked. Why is it just little old me that is informing you, the people of Minnesota about this? Why has MPR or WCCO or KSTP or indeed any of the “mainstream” media notwarned you of these dangers. Why have we not seen public enquiries set up by the government?

Thank God for Idle No More and thank God for the Occupy Movement. They are the ones, the heroes in this situation. Remember that and support them. While you demand that MPR stop acting like Minnesota Petroleum Radio and allow an in-depth interview of people of the calibre, honesty, courage and integrity of Marty Cobenais and the Indigenous Environmental Network. An honest interview with some of the Occupy folks, well that is just a little too much to ask.

Remember, your media is lying to you. Your elected officials are betraying your trust.

Come join the movement and do something about it.