Talking about guns


Twenty children, six teachers and school employees, the gunman and his mother died in the Newtown, Connecticut school shooting on December 14. Since then, almost a thousand other people across the country have been shot to death. Slate and @GunDeaths are partnering to document the shooting deaths here. Each icon represents a victim. Click on the icon, and you see details of the shooting. Three people shot to death so far today (January 17), fifteen yesterday, 29 the day before that. 

Meanwhile, the debate on gun control rages across the country. President Obama has just signed executive orders and proposed legislation. States and municipalities and school districts are considering all kinds of measures — to protect schools, to control guns, to provide mental health services.

As the national debate over gun control heats up, Minnesotans are taking sides, and state legislation is also under consideration.

State Senator John Marty contributed a thoughtful analysis of some of the issues in the debate. We have also published a number of blogs, as well as some statements from public officials in a section we are calling Gun Talk.  

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