Take an early ride on the Green Line


The light rail transit Green Line, nee Central Corridor, is still half a year away from launching passenger service between the Minneapolis and St. Paul downtowns. But thanks to Eccentric Aspects blogger Nick Wormley’s Herculean efforts, we all can get a sneak preview of the trip in time-lapse photography.

Wormley, self-described as “a railroad historian, photographer and software engineer [who] is certainly a bit eccentric,” painstakingly planned the project and then completed it in a single 9-hour day in November. He walked the entire 11-mile route of the westbound tracks, stopping every 20 feet or so to shoot nearly 3,000 photos with a Canon Five D Mark Two camera mounted on a tripod.

The web video that resulted compresses what will be a 45-minute LRT trip to less than 2 minutes, a breakneck virtual tour of the heart of the Twin Cities. As Wormley suggests in a lengthy description of his labors that accompanies the video, the exercise may not have been totally law-abiding, although with no trains running yet he posed no real danger to himself or others.

But I’m glad he did it. Take a look, and you will be, too.