Sweet 15 (quinceañera)


Mexican families have a lot of traditions, but one of the most important is when you celebrate every girl’s Sweet 15 birthday. In Spanish, she is called quinceañera. Mexican families celebrate their girl’s Sweet 15 because it is when you are not a little girl any more. At the age of 15 years, you become a woman.

This blog features new Minnesotans who are studying English at Rondo Community Outreach Library in St. Paul. This blog entry was written by Patricia M. Guerrero.

Mexican families celebrate this event with a big party. The quinceañera’s parents pay for this celebration, but they ask family members to help them. That’s how you become the Godparents of the girl. You help them buy the beautiful fancy dress, band, decorations for church, the food, and the reception room for the party.

The quinceañera gets all dressed up with fancy dress. She looks like a princess. We celebrate at first going to the church with family and friends. The priest gives a mass to thank God that their girl became a woman. After the mass, all family, friends, and godparents, take a lot pictures.

In the reception room, the quinceanera’s first dance is the vals. She dances with her father and Godparents. After that, she dances the vals with her eight chambelanes with the fancy dress. After the vals, she changes her fashion clothing and dances like disco music. After the dance, family and friends give a lot of birthday presents that she opens.

After this we eat traditional Mexican food, we cheer, and we drink wine, and other alcoholic drinks for the future of the quinceanera. And finally everybody dances and drinks all night until 6 a.m. in the morning. All these traditions make a quinceanera.

My name is Patricia. I’m from Mexico. I have lived in Minnesota for eight years. I work in Hennepin County Medical Center. I am taking ESL Classes at MCL School at Rondo Library to improve and learn English to get a better job, go to college and get a degree as a Spanish interpreter. From now on, I will write my own blogs, and current events, what is happening around the world.