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My name is Tom F. Johnson III and I’d like to represent the people of South Minneapolis in St. Paul. I decided to run because I watch too much channel 2 when the legislature is in session and it seems that the average working person is not represented. I’m a psychiatric nurse and a graduate nursing student. I’m married with two young children. I don’t believe in limiting anyones freedoms of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Due to redistricting, many people in South Minneapolis are now represented by a new person. The current representative of my district, house district 62B, is a lawyer who makes her money protecting Native American casinos from competition. She told her constituents that if she were elected she would, of course, not expand gambling. She voted yes to expand gambling in her first year in office. She betrayed the people in order to further enrich the billionaire owners of the Minnesota Vikings. Is this acceptable? I don’t think so and am standing up for my neghbors. I understand that South Minneapolis has been a democratic stronghold and I’m running as a republican. The people in power in St. Paul understand this as well. This is why she can do these things and not face the consequences. I ask you to please take a look at my stance on the issues and you will find that my word is my honor.

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