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membership adIf you have never donated to the Twin Cities Media Alliance before, now is the time. Every dollar you give helps us earn a $75,000 matching grant from the Challenge Fund for Journalism. (Just click on We were deeply honored to be the only citizen journalism project to be chosen for this award, alongside such outstanding projects as the Columbia Journalism Review and the Chicago Reporter, but now we have to earn it.

We give you more than ever before:

  • award-winning journalism, including more professionally edited original reporting by citizen journalists than any other local news website in America.
  • coverage of under-reported stories and under-covered communities that you can’t find anywhere else.
  • we empower Twin Citizens from diverse backgrounds and communities through citizen journalism classes and media skills workshops.
  • new Daily Planet features that help you make stronger connections to your neighbors and your community. Our new Minneapolis and St. Paul neighborhood pages feature interactive maps of local businesses and attractions, listings of neighborhood events, thumbnail photos of registered users who live in the neighborhood, and lots more.
  • If you register as a member – which is free and easy – you can create your own blog, upload articles and calendar events, and create a personal profile page.

We need the money. The Twin Cities Media Alliance has always operated on a shoestring, but this year, that shoestring is looking a bit frayed. Even small gifts have a big impact, because they add up. And donations of any size help us demonstrate community support to the foundations that provide a big share of our funding.

The easiest way to make a donation to TCMA is to visit our page on and donate using a credit card. (Or paste this link into your browser: And while you are on, you can use their networking tools to increase the impact of your contribution: you can post a comment on our donors wall, invite your Facebook friends and Twitter followers to donate, and even create your own fundraising page for TCMA. Or if you prefer, you can send a check to TCMA, 2600 E. Franklin, Minneapolis, MN 55406.