FREE SPEECH ZONE | A suburban senate race gets tough for right winger


Cyndy Brucato over at MinnPost wrote on 10/30/2012 that conservative Republican Senator David Hann (SD 48 – Eden Prairie, Minntonka) is avoiding questions about his employment.

The back story is that Minnesota Progressive Project investigative blogger Tommy Johnson learned that Hann — who chairs the Senate Health and Human Services Committee — has taken employment with an Eden Prairie Company that sells, among a number of things, health insurance.  Mr. Hann’s committe regulates companies that sell health insurance.  Johnson smelled something foul, trailed the mucky tracks that Mr. Hann could not mop up and then exposed the facts and released them into the blogosphere.

Brucatto reports that as a result, Mr. Hann’s DFL challenger, Laurie McKendry’s campaign will be getting a welcome shot of money and support from the State DFL.  McKendry was not expected to do well in a district that has been dominated by conservatives like Hann and U.S. Representative Eric Paulsen –  It snuggles up to the Tea Party redoubt that is Carver County.  But McKendry, a moderate Democrat, has worked hard and smart in Senate District 48.  Laurie McKendry is a business owner, was raised tough by a single mom, a waitress, who got her daughter through college with honors.   

McKendry has made several appearances on Democratic Visions, the cable TV program I produce for DFL Senate District 48.   You can watch it here, via our YouTube Channel.  You can also help the McKendry team with lit drops over the next few days. 

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