THREE ISSUES | Stu-ing over 2012 election issues


As a resident of a St. Paul suburb, Stuart Orlowski began an educational journey three years ago that has him currently at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, where the Twin Cities Daily Planet was able to track him down. With strong ties to two states, a no-holds barred outlook on the machinations of politics and society, and an approaching degree in Geological Engineering, Mr. Orlowski goes one-on-one with the TC Daily Planet. Buckle up.

Forrester Pack: What is an issue or concept that you would like to see addressed in the 2012 elections?

Stuart Orlowski: Poor people, not this middle-class bull$#^t.

FP:  Is it safe to say you have conviction on this election subject?

SO: Not enough about our society’s poor and lower-working class is being discussed. All I ever hear about is the ‘middle’. Another issue I think should be highlighted is campaign finance.

FP: Could you explain?

SO: I think there is too much money at play in the political system. It’s a gigantic issue. When candidates for high office take all this donor money, they owe the people who donated directly more so than the people they are technically paid to represent.

FP: Are you basing some of your observations off of the Wisconsin gubernatorial recall from a few months back?

SO: Not too much off that particular race, although there was a huge election fundraising gap between the two candidates [Governor Scott Walker and opponent Tom Barrett].

FP: With that said, I know you have a final concept you want to vocalize.