Stolen Sisters: The system that takes and oppresses Native women


Stereotypes and media portrayals of Indian women are based on a long history of rape and oppression. This history is at the base of the “missing women,” the contemporary problem of great numbers of Indian women being murdered or kidnapped into sex trafficking.

“Right now we have over 2000 missing women.”

This video was directed by Emma Pederson, Jenesis Fonder, Geonette Doble, and Maeve Handley, students in the South High VOICES class of 2015-2016. VOICES stands for Values, Options, Issues and Choices Explored in Society. Students in the VOICES class create social issue documentaries with the guidance of teachers Delainia Haug and Laura Lanik and Teaching Artist/videomaker John Akre. To see all of this year’s VOICES documentaries, visit this link.