State government special session to address disaster aid Sept. 9


Gov. Mark Dayton and legislative leaders have agreed to a special session to deal with just one issue.

Scheduled for 10 a.m. Sept. 9, the special session will deal solely with approving $4.5 million in state disaster aid for 18 southern and central Minnesota counties hit hard by storms in June. Per the agreement among legislative leaders, no other bills or amendments are to be allowed. (Watch the announcement.)

That means controversial farm equipment repair and warehouse taxes will not be part of the agenda, even though the governor supports repealing the farm tax. Republicans had hoped to expand the session to include repeal of other business taxes.

Dayton said a potential repealing the taxes is off the table until he sees the November budget forecast.

President Barack Obama signed a disaster relief declaration in July. However, to get federal funds that would pay 75 percent of repair costs for damaged roads, bridges, buildings and other public infrastructure, the state must commit to paying 25 percent.