Michael Cavlan: Star Tribune letter


A copy of a letter I just sent to the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Do you think they will publish it? Given that I have sent about 50 others and around 8 editorial responses I am thinking not. The others I sent I wrote very factually and did not take the tone of this one. They were all well written and crafted as well as short, succinct and to the point. None were ever published. Hence I now understand that the Strib will never let any letter I write see the light of day. Which explains the tone now. Enjoy-

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Dear Editor

The Star Tribune should be very careful. You inadvertently released some truth in your recent reporting on Ukraine. I know it was a mistake but you should be more careful about this. Keep up this kind of thing and you may accidentally inform your readers.

On August 24th “journalist” Peter Leonard wrote an article about the situation in Ukraine. In the article he described how some prisoners from Kiev were paraded through the Donetsk region. The prisoners were being harangued by locals. All of this fits with the US State Department narrative. Similar to the narrative of Saddam Hussein having Weapons of Mass Destruction it should be noted.

However it was at this juncture that you accidently allowed some truth to be printed in your paper. The people were yelling out and calling the prisoners “fascists.” As I am sure you know there are actual fascists in Ukraine. They are called the Right Sector and the Svoboda Party. These actual fascists were instrumental in the brutal coup of the legitimately elected government of Ukraine. They were of course aided by the US State Dept. Fortunately for you and the US State Department these facts did not slip out in the article by Peter Leonard.

On a slightly related note I also note something that you did not have in your newspaper. In Minneapolis yesterday August 28th there was a protest in response to the police brutality issue and in support of the people of Ferguson, MO. There was approximately a thousand people there. The rally and march filled up over half of the the Government Plaza outside of Minneapolis City Hall, or the People’s Plaza as it was named during the Occupy Movement. Fortunately for the people that you work for, the 1% you did not provide coverage of this rally.

Please be more careful as providing facts can prove to be dangerous to the people in power. The ones that you are proving to be loyal lap dogs for. Oh and I know that while I am indeed submitting this letter I can faithfully trust that it will never see the light of day in the “liberal” Star Tribune


Michael Cavlan