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On Wednesday October 3rd, the Star Tribune published an article on page 2 of the Metro section by Corey Mitchell. It was about Republican US  Senate candidate Kurt Bills and his allegations about an Amy Klobuchar campaign commercial. A few days before the Star Tribune had what can only be called a front page advertisement for Senator Klobuchar.

Both of these articles failed to even mention the other three candidates on the ballot for US Senate in Minnesota, including my own campaign. None of us deserve that kind of blatant disrespect by the Editorial staff at the Star Tribune. We are all standing for the creation of a better Minnesota.

More importantly though, the readership of the Star Tribune deserve better than this. They deserve to be fully informed by the Star Tribune on issues that affect us all. Unfortunately the Star Tribune has a provenn long track record of unwillingness to give the people of Minnesota the full truth. The most recent and blatant example of this was the recent Stadiums articles that provided virtually no facts on why the Stadium deal was so bad for the people of Hennepin County, anti-democratic in nature and indeed a violation of law to boot. The money that owns the Star Tribune had direct financial interests in the deal makes even more heinous.

I write this editorial to the Star Tribune, not because I expect it to be published. Quite the opposite. After the Amy Klobuchar advertisement mentioned, we in the Cavlan For US Senate supporters started a letter writing campaign. To date, not one of them have been published. I strongly suspect that others outside of our campaign have written letters to your organization bringing up this point. Likewise not published.

We have no doubt that our campaign is going to do well in this election. Perhaps even better than we think. We have been following the polls and have noted that both Senator Klobuchar and Kurt Bills support have been going down rapidly.

We in Minnesota, the United States and the World are facing some very serious issues. Issues that deserve to be addressed in an honest and forthright manner. The fact that the Star Tribune would try and keep the people of Minnesota ignorant and uninformed
on these critical issues is to your everlasting shame. It leaves your journalistic ethics and integrity in the dust. Lost integrity and trust that will be very difficult for you to regain.

This is no longer even about left and right. It has become about right and wrong.

Michael Cavlan RN
Candidate US Senate 2012
Minnesota Open Progressives