Standing up for Liberians in U.S.


Nekessa Opoti’s article on Liberians facing the threat of deportation after decades of legal residence struck a chord with many readers.

It bring tears to my eyes to hear that we will have to return home. Me I came to America as a child all I know is America. My parents grew up in Liberia. I hear how it was sweet during the good days but me all I remember is the gunshots, dodging bullets, running and trying to live. … Returning home will just be reliving my nightmares all over. …

Make a way for permanent citizenship
I find it ridiculous that we have to continue to urge our government to renew their TPS status yearly. As long as these individuals have been a part of this society fabric, these individuals—especially those who came to this country as children—should be provided an opportunity to gain permanent citizenship. …

make way for citizenship
I too find it ridiculous that we should have to reapply each year. I have been here since I was 3 years old. I have never committed a crime and I pay my taxes. In other countries that would be enough for citizenship

Liberian Deportation from the US
I am a US citizen in Missouri married to a wonderful Liberian man. My husband has been in this country for over 20 years on TPS. He has worked hard as all Liberians do and has been a law abiding “non-citizen” of this country. Most, although well educated with Masters and PHD’s cannot even use their education to get a job in their field. It is absolutely appauling what these people have to endure to stay in this country.
For 2 years now, we have been fighting to change my husband’s status since he came on a J1 waiver. This is the hardest status to get changed. I think a green card should be sent to all Liberians as a token of thanks for all of the contributions they have made to this country during their stay that most did not ask for. …