South Minneapolis struggles against rise in prostitution


3 thoughts on “South Minneapolis struggles against rise in prostitution

  1. Reverse stings have been conducted since at least the 19 (and probably before). Some of the recent reversals have been large-scale. For example, a recent operation in the d precinct of Minneapolis ended with dozens of alleged customers being cited and more than 20 vehicles being seized.  Officers with the Third Precinct Community Response Team conducted a 6-day undercover john detail from July 12 to July 17 in response to neighborhood complaints of increased prostitution activity. The sting netted 53 alleged customers, and police also made a handful of arrests for other offenses.  This is a crime that impacts the entire community and we recognize that sex buyers perpetuate an exploitative industry, said Third Precinct Inspector Michael Sullivan. Our officers did an excellent job re-enforcing that this illegal activity will not be tolerated in the City of Minneapolis.   Officers focused on the Lake St East Corridor between d Ave South and h Ave South.  Most of the details were conducted at night and during the lunch hour.  Along with the citations issued, 23 vehicles were seized, and in Minneapolis, there is a forfeiture process in which vehicles used in the commission of certain crimes could be surrendered by owners and liquidated by the city.
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