Somali youth on the FBI


After the disappearances of young Somali men over the past few months, some youth complained that the negative press has resulted in repeated FBI interrogations. Samiya Ahmed, Rukia Mohamed and Sarah Qaxiya were Facebook friends with some of the missing. The authorities went to Samiya’s house with photos of the missing men asking her if she knew any of them.

“When they came to my house, it took me by shock. I have never had any encounters with the law,” said the Normandale student. “I even received a phone call the day before inauguration day asking if I know anyone who is going to bomb the inauguration,” she added.

“We are American citizens and we love this country. This is the president we elected. They think they are helping, but they are pushing us away,” said Rukia Mohamed who went to high school with one of the missing kids.

“The FBI has to find a different way to do this,” said Sarah Qaxiya.

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