Somali Culture


Somalia is located in East Africa, in the Horn of Africa. it is part of sub-Sahara Africa. My country is rich of culture and customs such as: Religion and Thoughts, literature, Media and Drama, art, architecture and housing, cuisine and traditional dress, gender roles, marriage and family, social custom and life style, music and dances.

This blog features new Minnesotans who are studying English at Rondo Community Outreach Library in St. Paul. This entry is written by Ali Egal.

Speaking a culture, it is very general. I would discuss about one or two subject. Somali birth ceremony. Somalis usually hold a ceremony on seventh day after birth. This ceremony we call Walqal and that marks the addition of the child in the family. There are several purposes of this ceremony. The first objective is expression of thanks to the almighty, a second objective is to give child a name and third is a social gathering to relatives to celebrate the occasion.

Another one is a Somali giving and helping. If five Somalis came from different clans are in foreign country and one of them needs a help, the others are morally bound to help. However, if there a many Somalis then one is supposed to seek help first from those nearest to him in clan genealogy. That is a general and there are other ways or venues to help each other like charities in mosque.

I am very proud be Somalian, and take part of this unique and rich culture of ours. i miss the celebrations and feast in my home country although i am very glad that i am in this great country which brings all culture in one basket.