FREE SPEECH ZONE | A Somali-American activist on Eden Prairie Schools


Ahmed Jama is a Somali-American advocate for educational equity and an activist in closing the educational achievement gap between the haves and have nots.  In 2011, the Eden Prairie School District implemented plans to accommodate the high profile suburb’s large population of Somali immigrants; close the learning gap; deal with budget challenges and prevent increasing levels of segregation in one of its elementary schools.  But the changes were strongly opposed by a highly politicized group of parents sporting various handles including “Yes for Neighborhood Schools.” and “Eden Prairie School Board Accountability.”  They claimed they didn’t want their kids bussed to school outside their neighborhoods and pressured school superintendent Dr. Melissa Krull to leave and elected four candidates to Eden Prairie’s School Board.  The word on the Facebook accounts linked to the cul-de-sacs in EP’s McMansion land is that the new board will dismantle some or all of the decisions that Mr. Jama and national education and integration groups have applauded.   This video is a segment with Ahmed Jama on the current edition of Democratic Visions, a public and political issues program I produce through DFL Senate District 42. 

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