Solar and insulation programs grow


A quiet revolution is taking place across the rooftops, attics and walls, and community meeting rooms across the Twin Cities. Groups of residents are coming together to make the transition to a clean, efficient, and community-based energy future, working together to save energy and generate clean energy. Cooperative Energy Futures (CEF), a co-op of community members, helps residents work together to cut costs and simplify the process of contracting home efficiency and clean energy improvements. In May 2013, Cooperative Energy Futures is launching four community energy programs across the Twin Cities.

The second phase of Cooperative Energy Future’s bulk buying programs is launching May-August, with deadlines for residents and groups of neighbors to sign up by August 15th 2013 and to commit to projects by September 15th, 2013. The four programs currently offered include:

  • The Grow Solar residential solar bulk buy,
  • The Neighborhood Insulation group contracting program,
  • Weatherization Work Parties scheduled by block groups to help neighbors weatherize, and
  • A sign-up process for future community-owned solar projects on community buildings

Details about these programs can be found at, where dates and locations of educational workshops and events where interested residents can learn more will also be posted. Interested residents should contact, or call (612) 568-2334.

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