So what do YOU think?


Jeremy Iggers launched our first poll last week, asking readers to vote on the best Thai restaurant in the Twin Cities. (If you missed it, hurry — you still have time to vote!) The poll started slowly, and then picked up steam after dozens of Royal Orchid fans started clicking and voting. 

Now that we have the first week of the first poll, we will definitely keep going. What will the next poll be? We are open to suggestions: maybe bike lanes versus bike tracks versus something else? Or street cars and where to put them? Or something else? We are open to your suggestions and ideas! 

Your ideas count in more ways than polls. Our Community Voices section features articles that you send in. We publish almost everything that’s not spam or a press release. Just register as a Daily Planet user, log in, and write an article.

If you have an idea for a poll topic (or if you have trouble uploading anything), just email