Snow day — and you’re talking about it


UPDATED 4/19, 8:30 a.m.: So it’s snowing again. The latest recorded one-inch snowfall in Minnesota was 1.5 inches in Mizpah on June 4,1935, according to Wikipedia. So, April 18? Not even remarkable. Of course, this might be the only day when we have both the first tornado siren test of the year AND more than an inch of snow. Or maybe we could try fo rthe record of the most kinds of precipitation in a single day – snow, sleet, ice, and rain are easy — hail, anyone? 

But cheer up — According to Paul Douglas, “Long-range models show 50s next week; possibly 60s and even a few 70s within 2 weeks.”

For cancellations of Earth Day events due to snow (and schedules of events), see Earth Day 2013 in the Twin Cities.

Two good things about snow on April 18: 

1) It won’t last long.

2) We can all bitch about it together. 

And on that note — here, collected by using Storify, are some of the early afternoon tweets about today’s weather mess. Feel free to add your own comments and complaints! 

(One note: Storify can be a little erratic about displaying — so if you don’t see anything below this paragraph, you may need to refresh the page.)