There have been protests outside of Wall Street. They have been continual and have been there since Saturday September 17. The protesters have occupied a park close to the now famous Ground Zero of September 11. The protests are there because of the perceived greed and complicity of those on Wall Street and their part in the economic crisis we all face today. Including the foreclosure crisis affecting millions of Americans and threatening the future of all of us.

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If you know knothing about this, you are not to be blamed. It is not your fault that you know nothing about these incredible events. The reason you do not know about these historic events and moments is because there is a virtual media blackout on it.

No-one is reporting on it in the “credible”, so called mainstream media. Not CNN, not MSNBC, not Fox News, not KSTP Channel 5, not the Minneapolis Star Tribune. The blackout has been total and complete. It has also been horrifying. This shows that the media in this country, the United States, in Minnesota is controlled. Just as strictly controlled as in the former Soviet Union.

The “mainstream media” and their owners have now proven, beyond a reasonable doubt that they are the enemies of an informed public. That makes them the enemies of democracy itself.

They do not serve you, not me. They do not serve us, the American people, the people of Minnesota. The people that own the media can now be called traitors to this democratic republic called the United States. The people that pose as journalists are there because they will not engage in real journalistic investigation. They will not report the truth but they will instead report what they are told. They will repeat the lies told by corporate CEO’s, by Pentagon officials, by corporate owned politicians. Instead of being a watchdog of those in power, they have become lapdogs. That is why they are chosen to stand in front of the TV screen or have their articles printed.

It is time for us to awaken from the slumber that they have imposed on us. It is time to realize that you are not alone, that you should not sit at home thinking that you are alone. That is precisely what those that own the media want you to think and do. Sit alone at home, doing nothing.

The truth is out there and people are organizing. Turn off your TV, or if you have Sattelite TV then turn to Channel 375, which is Link TV. If you do not have Sattelite TV then find Link TV.

Start to understand the level of lies and duplicity that you, as an American face. Discover the truth. Declare yourself independent of corporate media and it’s attempt to control you and your family.

Get educated then go out and get involved. Just as a thought, a great place to start is the Wall Stret protests. Which have been going on for almost seven days now. With a total media blackout.