Singing in the Rain at the Oscars — At least it isn’t snow


HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA—Legend has it that it has never rained on Oscar Sunday. It may rain the day before, or the day after, but the clouds part for Hollywood royalty stepping onto the Red Carpet.

This year, after record droughts, the rains have unleashed on Oscar Week. Text alerts about flash floods, flooding streets, a soggy, plastic covered Red Carpet and wrapped Oscar statues have wreaked havoc on Academy Awards staff. The media sections along the Red Carpet arrival areas have been cut in half because the carpet is just too wet. A clear overhead tarp may have to be installed so gowns and tuxedoes along the Red Carpet route stay dry.

Still, this is Hollywood after all, where dreams come true. Will the rain hold off for a few hours on Sunday, March 2? Watch the live show on ABC and see if there is singing in the rain or if the legend continues.

(Above) Caution tape for wet, slippery Red Carpet steps. Flash floods have soaked Oscar Week after California experienced drought conditions.

(Above) Hollywood flash floods have created a mess for the Oscars Red Carpet.

(Above) There is Red Carpet under that plastic protection from flooding rains.

(Above) Flooding rains made it necessary for press viewing section cuts and a ceiling tarp on the Red Carpet.