SimonDelivers stops delivering


A simple e-mail today delivered some very hard-to-take news.

SimonDelivers, the online grocery business, will be closing their business sometime on or before the end of this month.

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I am angry, frustrated and depressed.

But I understand, I think.

For nine years, the company offered on-line shopping that gave the “grounded” stores like Cub, Rainbow, Lunds & Byerlys a run for their money. However, with the economy tanking, and gas becoming more costly, something had to give.

When people asked me how I shopped for food, and when I told them online with Simon’s, most people looked at me in disbelief – living in the Central neighborhood. I would explain that while, yes, I didn’t drive a car as much, the quality of all the foods and products were unsurpassed, the prices were reasonable (even with delivery) and the customer service was immediate and fair, and all were available either by a click of a mouse or a simple phone conversation.

My partner and I could ALWAYS tell the difference between any meat or poultry, dairy or fruit that was from Simon’s or from anywhere else.

An era is passing.

Thanks for the memories!