Silent no more—what would you say?


by Rachel Dykoski • I want you to tell me what you’d ask, m’kay?

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So, being a spaz this past year on the activist tip netted me a golden opportunity to attend the 2009 Good Jobs / Green Jobs conference being held in DC next week (February 4-6).


More information can be found here:

Some of the featured speakers are our very own Senator Amy Klobuchar and Representative Keith Ellison. Found here:

But what I’m really and truly going out there for is Advocacy Day. That’s going on the hill, going to Representative offices or maybe Senate offices to pitch the Green Jobs Act – requesting it be funded.

At least, that’s what I’m planning on doing. I believe that, WE are impacted by rising unemployment and the stagnant wages. It’s increasingly hard for mid and low-income workers to make ends meet. Superfund Sites and Brownfields awaiting action, reclamation by the people, mark our region. Economic solutions now on the table can begin to address both of these issues.

Funding green jobs will help our families. It’s an investment that is part of a greater equation, which will help all of us emerge from the recession, because they generate more demand for goods and services and effectively stimulate the wider economy. We support this act because it provides a pathway out of poverty while creatively, patriotically changing our energy dependence.

What would you say – if you got the chance to speak with yours or another US Senator or Representative in DC… on the hill…if given the chance – what would you want to talk about?

What do you think about all this talk surrounding the Green economy and energy solutions being talked about?

C’mon…tell me!

I plan on blogging from DC all next week – and I want, nah NEED to hear from you – I want you in on the conversations and experiences.