Shooting from the roof in St. Paul


A couple of weeks ago I go the opportunity to shoot from a roof.  The lighting wasn’t the best, and in general I don’t like to go up, but I just had to do it — and here are some of the photos I got. 

Xcel Center

The Xcel Energy  Center.  It isn’t easy to get it all in a single shot but I did it with the trusty wide angle lens that I use to photograph my listings. It is a heavy lens and it should be kept level but if I had done that I would have gotten the sky and maybe the top if the building. 

6th street transit  station 

The sixth street transit station.  This one was taken a little later and the light was better and the clouds make it a little more interesting. In the background in the right you can see the state capitol building and to the right the history center.

Eagle Street grill
This one was fun and I went a little crazy with the processing. This is the Eagle Street Grill. I used a zoom lens and could have gotten it close enough to show faces but I decided not to.