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by Jordan Neighbor, JNS Guest Blogger | August 18, 2009 • I’d like to use one of my guest blogging posts to commit a sort of public service, a little publicity for some of the readers favorite businesses located around NoMi. Some businesses are prominent and well-known, frequented by many. But NoMi has a fair amount of obscure, hole in the wall businesses that probably have little to no advertising budget and, well, frankly might not look like much from the outside but hold treasures on the inside.

For example, the Asian market that is on the southwest corner of Broadway and 26th Ave N is called Amazing Oriental, and it is a gem of a store, perhaps you might even call it amazing. From the outside it doesn’t look like much. I have never experienced myself, but have heard that they have a menu and sit down tables in there for a quick meal. Can anyone confirm this?

Another one of my favorite businesses, and it’s not much of a secret or hidden treasure, is Northend Hardware. Most northsiders know about the great service, wide selection and good rental department, but just in case you aren’t familiar, I highly recommend heading to Northend for your next home project or hardware needs. Darryl, the owner, and John, the manager are two of the nicest guys that truly give a small town feel to the store. Read some great reviews here and do plan ahead because since it is a somewhat small business with a small staff, they do shut down and close the shop – they don’t stay open round the clock like some big box stores – but it’s worth the planning and worth supporting this northside treasure.

So please do use the comment section and tell all of us about your Northside favorites. Use this blog as a little free publicity and spread the word!

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