Seward plays winter wonderland for national ad


Things were just a little out of the ordinary near 38th Avenue South and Seabury Avenue on Wednesday, Jan. 23. A car blocked access to the street, where a line of onlookers watched from the sidewalk as an SUV turned the corner past a tree, its lower branches covered in ice.

The scene was so interesting that, even in the zero-degree weather, the sidewalk gawkers watched it happen again and again and again. A block further south, a man in a camouflage parka stood guard. “Cut!” barked the walkie-talkie in his hand.

The occasion was the filming of a commercial, a national ad for Liberty Mutual, according to Production Manager Nicole Erdmann. The Minneapolis-based freelancer, snug inside a nearby motor home, was part of the entourage hired by Los Angeles-based RSA Films to work on the commercial. While Director Laurence Dunmore (who directed Johnny Depp in “The Libertine”) hails all the way from London, location scout Tim O’Toole lives nearby and knew the perfect riverside spot, said Erdmann.

While she asked that we be discreet about the details, the action involves a blue SUV, some naughty children and, of course, snow. Watch for it in February.