Seward neighborhood to act as ‘gallery’ for ‘UnConvention’ lawn sign project


While the Seward neighborhood residents and businesses are known to sometimes wear their politics on their sleeves, some will be putting the message on their lawns and in their windows during this convention and campaign season.

Seward will act as a “gallery” neighborhood for the “My Yard, Our Message” campaign, sponsored by the Walker Art Center and

This summer, artists submitted designs for the politically themed yard signs, 50 of which were chosen as finalists. Three of these winning designs — including the top two vote-getters — were created by Seward resident Teri Kwant.

On Saturday, Aug. 23, 50 signs — one of each design — will be laid out on the Matthews Park hill (near the corner of 27th Avenue South and East 25th Street) to be distributed, first-come, first-serve, starting at 9 a.m. The signs can also be purchased for $15 through the My Yard, Our Message website, where you may also view all the entries.

The yard-sign project is just one part of The UnConvention, a “ non-partisan collective of citizens and cultural institutions [that] provides a forum for promoting the democratic and free exchange of ideas during and after the Republican National Convention,” according to its website.

While many of the signs have a non-partisan “get-out-the-vote” theme, others lean decidedly to the left, like one that reads: “You shouldn’t be looking for humor in this sign. The joke is in the White House.”

Seward is the only Minneapolis “gallery” participating; two areas of St. Paul will also display the signs.