FREE SPEECH ZONE | Senator Al Franken Supports Nuclear Power


According to an article in the Minnesota Independent, Senator
Al Franken supports Nuclear Power. Especially important since

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the Minnesota legislators have agreed to end a moratorium
on no more Nuclear Power plants being built in Minnesota.

Which has been pushed by the Republicans in Minnesota for

The great “progressive” hero, Senator Al Franken supports Nuclear
Power? After having a discussion with the great “environmentalist”
Al Gore?

Who was supported by lefty environmentalist groups.

Next thing you will tell us that the Sierra Club support politicians
with egregious environmentalist records (like Bill Clinton and Al
Gore who authorized Depleted Uranium weaponry, NAFTA, GATT, IMF,
Open Pit mining the in the mid west and forestry in the north west)
and support corporations like Clorox.

Oh wait, too late. Already happened. Never mind.

So the question is, when will the progressive community realize that

they are being played by the Democratic Party and those who are making

apologies and carrying water for them?