Seed art, food, and regret at the Minnesota State Fair


We went to the fair last week (library card discount day!), and i neglected to take any pictures of the food. But let me tell you about it. We had:

  • Cider freezes ($1 apiece!)
  • Fried cheese curds (Obvs. If you’re having vegan problems, i feel bad for you son.)
  • Corn fritters and fried green tomatoes
  • Root beer (Nothing special, but Bub has to make one disappointing food purchase every year at the fair. The first time we went, he chose breadsticks, so at least this was a step up from that.)
  • MILK! $1 for all-you-can-drink. Which for me was two cups of half-and-half (ha! i wish i meant actual half-and-half, but here i refer to half-white/half-chocolate instead). After we left, i really wished i’d had a third cup.
  • Watermelon slush
  • Corn ice cream w/ cayenne-candied peanuts, and caramel syrup

And here’s the sweet free stuff we scored:

  • Lots of pencils
  • Some candy
  • Eyeglass wipes
  • Earplugs
  • Drawstring backpacks
  • Fold-up tote bags
  • Back scratchers (one for every room!)
  • A yard stick

But this trip to the fair wasn’t without its tragedies:

  • Exactly as i’d predicted would happen only moments earlier, Bub accidentally (right?) jabbed me in the eye with the free yard stick.
  • For the second year in a row, we saw several prize-winning pieces of produce smaller and less-impressive than what we have in our garden. Missed opportunity for fame and glory 🙁
  • We missed the daily free 5-gallon bucket giveaway.
  • And the one serious mistake i made was not getting deep-fried pickles with cream cheese. I usually do, but in a moment of overstuffed insanity (i’d just chugged two cups of milk!), i decided not to. Nothing could have prepared me for the profound sense of regret and loss i feel now.

Now here’re some pictures of protest seed art…

I believe this one is a commentary on space exploration and the military-industrial complex.

Ok, not seed art, but have you ever noticed how menacing geese are? Shudder.