Scrooge Pawlenty


“Scrooge Pawlenty” is a Minnesota version of the Christmas Carol featuring Governor Pawlenty, presented on the sidewalk in front of the Governor’s Mansion, last Tuesday. The Welfare Rights Committee and their supporters wrote and performed the play. The play is based on the fact that under Governor Pawlenty’s administration, the richest pay less in overall taxes on a dollar earned than everyone else. “In March 2010, Pawlenty will single-handedly kick over 35,000 Minnesotans in poverty off basic health care,” says the Welfare Rights Committee. Here are some of the best lines from the play:

“Pawlenty: I was just trying to pay off, I mean pay back the people who supported my campaign.”

“Like the miserly Scrooge, Pawlenty has tried to wring out every last bite of blood from the poor and working people of Minnesota.”

“Pawlenty: What do I care? I will be long gone by the time the state gets out of this mess.”

Here is a short clip of the “Scooge Pawlenty” protest to give you the flavor: