Save Energy and Stay Cool this Summer


Interested in saving energy this summer? Home Energy Squad Enhanced is here to help! Formerly called Community Energy Services (CES), the Home Energy Squad Enhanced program, just like CES, is a full service residential energy program designed to make reducing energy use and saving money easy.

Our team of trusted energy professionals will install energy saving materials that will help you save money and be more comfortable all year long. Door weather stripping not only keeps out cold drafts in the winter, but also serves as a barrier from that hot, humid air coming into your home in the summer. Swapping out incandescent light bulbs for CFLs or LEDs also helps increase comfort in the summer by reducing the heat being emitted from your lights, cutting down on cooling costs.

The visit also includes a blower door test, an insulation inspection and recommendations for additional ways to save energy in your home. Homeowners will receive a personalized Home Energy Report that serves as a road map for prioritizing which home improvements to focus on. The report includes information on low interest financing, rebates and quality checked contractors. All of these services and materials are available for only $70 per household thanks to support from the City of Minneapolis, CenterPoint Energy and Xcel Energy.

To learn more about the program, contact Stacy Boots Camp at the Center for Energy and the Environment, (612) 244-2429 or Information is also available at

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